Our Koi Services Include:

Koi Health Care:

LKG provides a service of coming to your premesis and identifying and diagnosing life threatening and other diseases of koi and providing medication for the koi as well as the water.

Water Testing

We will test your PH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonium and Salt levels. By testing these levels our friendly, trained team will be able to assist and advize on your Filtration, Bio filtration and water quality.

Look after the water and the Koi will look after themselves

Koi Filtration Equipment:

LKG installs koi pond filtration equipment and media such as Pumps, Filters, UV lights (replacing of Tubes), Bio Filters, Pre Filters, ect

Koi Accessories

LKG offers a wide range of Koi Food, Water Conditioners, Water Clarifiers, Medication, Filter Boosters, Testing Equipment, etc

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